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Welcome to Merlin Ringing Supplies. 

Our main focus is to provide Mist Nets and rulers, and to provied links for other equipment that you may find useful for your ringing activities.

We have teamed up with the following (whom you order direct thought):

Grampian Ringing Group who supply Whoosh nets.
Third Wheel who supply an array of traps (potter and perch) and highflier set up for mist nets.  
Cotton Baggers (see ringing equipment page) for bird and net bags.

We also list a number of other items that you may find useful can be obtained through the Equipment, Accessories or Clothing sections. These items are sold from a third party supplier who will deal with payment independently and ship to you direct. Your contract will be with that supplier.

If we do not supply an area of equipment that you need, such as colour marks or rings, you will find useful links for who to contact or where to obtain them from, through our 'other suppliers' section.

We started providing Mist Nets in 2013 and mainly only stocked the size of nets regularly used, supplying 70d/2pl and 110d/2pl 16*16 5 panel nets that are 2.7m high, of lengths 6, 9, 12, and 18m, 70d/2pl 16*16 2 and single panel nets, and 110d 20*20 4 panel nest also 2.7m high. 

More recently we added Owl nets - 210d 60*60 4 panel of lenghts 6 and 12m, and are about to add Wader nets - 210d 30*30 4 panel nets of lengths 12 qand 18m.

We aim to provide affordable mist nets, made to a good standard, but please note whilst we work with our supplier to ensure the basic quality and finish of these nets to a good standard, and certainly make them safe to use, sometimes the cosmetic finishing is not always up to the standards of NR or Ecotone nets. There may be the odd blemish or error during production. We will replace any nets that are unusable or unsafe, or where the errors are significantly sufficient that you are not happy with the net you have been supplied with. See the review below from the East Yorkshire RG , Alan Pomroy1 and Alan Pomroy update.

We only supply mist nets to licensed ringers and holders of bat licences, issued in the UK or other European ringing schemes, and proof will be required in the form of a copy of the appropriate licence.

We are licensed ringers, and ring in the UK on a voluntary basis. We also have experience of ringing in various European countries, so have a good idea of what would be of use to you during your field work. If you are seeking a particular item that is not currently available through this site, do contact us with details and we will do our best to source it for you.

If you have any questions please contact us at or telephone + 44 (0) 7973 984154 or (0) 754 3533071